Save Senior and Disability Classes at City College SF

City College San Francisco is facing serious program and staffing cuts. Older adult programs have already been cut by 90% and now Disabled Students Programs and Services faces a 40% cut. These classes are critical for job training, arts, and community. Thanks to the 115 people who showed up for the April 26 Senior & Disability Teach-In! We heard from City College faculty and students, AFT organizers, and other supporters, and we took action together.

On red background, white text reads: Save Senior & Disability Classes at City College SF, then black text reads: Call Supervisors Walton & Haney:, More actions & information on Underneath is a picture of people holding a yellow banner reading Honk if you heart CCSF.

Please help stop the cuts. Call your Supervisor and tell them to stand up for City College’s Older Adults and Disabled Students Programs and Services. 

Here’s what you can do:

You can watch the Teach-In on youtube (the second half) or on facebook (the full recording). The Teach-In also includes this powerful video of DSPS students.

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