Transit Justice

SDA’s Transit Justice group organizes for pedestrian safety and good public transit for seniors, disabled people, and all San Francisco residents. For information on meetings or getting involved, please contact Pi Ra at (415) 546-1333 or

Crowd of people at Free Muni rally, holding signs

What have we done so far?

  • SDA is proud to have participated in the successful campaign to win FREE MUNI for seniors and people with disabilities in San Francisco. The program was launched on March 1, 2015.
  • SDA spent many years pressuring the city to allow more time for signal crossings, because seniors and disabled people could not make it across the street before the light changed. In 2018, the SF MTA agreed to lengthen crossing times! They are currently in the process of adjusting stoplights to reflect the change.
  • When the MTA proposed changing the route for Bus #33, so that riders trying to get to San Francisco General Hospital would have to get off the 33 and transfer to another bus, people fought back. This would have made it difficult for people to get to the hospital. Take a look at a video we put together about this issue — which helped stop the change.

To ride Muni for free, you must register! Applications are easy and available at:
or in the SDA office.

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