If you are looking for affordable housing, try these resources:


SDA Housing Collaborative

The Housing Collaborative meets on the 3rd Wednesday of every month, 1-3 pm.

The SDA Housing Collaborative is a group of tenants, homeowners, community advocates, and representatives from non-profit and government agencies, all dedicated to improving housing opportunities for seniors and people with disabilities. We work together to preserve and create quality, affordable, accessible housing in San Francisco, by organizing to win change! Join us.



Led by former Housing Organizer Tony Robles, SDA published a book of poems and essays by seniors and people with disabilities living in SOMA. Contact SDA if you’d like to buy a copy!


Senior and Disability SRO Workgroup

The SRO Workgroup meets on the 1st Friday of the month, 1-3 pm, 1360 Mission Street, 4th floor.

Senior & Disability Action has been working to improve living conditions for seniors and people with disabilities in single-room occupancy hotels (SROs). With several organizational partners, we surveyed SRO residents and then put out a report in 2012. While it is several years old, unfortunately residents today relate dealing with many of the same issues. Click on these links to see the SRO Report Executive Summary and full report: Seniors and Adults with Disabilities in SROs. We are currently working to improve elevators in SROs, lower rents, and prevent speculation and displacement.

VICTORY! In partnership with SOMA Neighborhood Resource Council, activist Jordan Davis, and many others, the SRO Workgroup fought for the Mayor to spend $1 million to lower rents for SRO residents. In June 2020, she finally agreed! Look for yellow window signs around SOMA celebrating this win.

Stop Evictions !

Housing activists unfurl banner at City Hall: Stop the Evictions!

To see our interactive map of Ellis Act evictions over the last three years and to access Ethel’s List, a list of the top 30 evictors of seniors and people with disabilities in San Francisco, named in honor of SDA member Ethel Silverstein, please check out the following link:

Sam Alicia Duke and others at the SOMAtime housing action
Sam Alicia Duke and others at the SOMAtime housing action
IMG_3554larry and crowd
IMG_3575joy juicy save our homes

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