Consumer Rights for Community Living (CRCL)

Consumer Rights for Community Living

Consumer Rights for Community Living (CRCL) is dedicated to ensuring the rights of seniors and people with disabilities to live independently in the community. Developed in partnership with the Independent Living Resource Center San Francisco, CRCL assists people as they navigate the complex web of home and community-based support services. CRCL staff and peer advocates give individual hands-on support for solving problems. By facilitating access to services and helping people resolve grievances when their needs are not being met, we hope to help more people remain in their homes and avoid unnecessary institutionalization.

If your paratransit application has been denied, if it’s taking too long to get your wheelchair repaired, if you’re having trouble getting the home care you need, call us! We can assist you in resolving complaints, connect you to services that will make it easier for you to live in the community, and help you get connected to people who are working for change. Call us!

Consumer Rights for Community Living

Would you like to be a Peer Advocate, supporting other seniors and people with disabilities to get the services and resources they need? Please see the Peer Advocate Job Description and call Peter at 415-546-1333 to talk more.



Tax Break for Some IHSS Caregivers

Before 2014, the IRS maintained that money paid to IHSS providers was subject to income tax. In January 2014, the IRS issued a new rule (Notice 2014-7) that said that people do not owe income tax on these payments if they live full time in the same home as the person getting care. The rule applies whether or not the caregiver and the person getting care are related or not. DAAS will run a report to see who falls into this category to determine if W-2s need to be reissued.